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Those who can, do, those who can’t, teach. Jeff Seymour is the exception. He continues to work professionally as an actor since he began coaching 37 years ago. As a result of his constant work in the profession as a director, writer, producer, and award-winning actor, Jeff offers up-to-date, real-time instruction on what actually occurs in the business.

As an actor, Jeff is acutely aware of what one goes through in the audition process and on the set, as well as the temperament needed to continually succeed in this business. As a director and producer, he can offer first hand knowledge of what the casting side is looking for when they’re searching for talent.

While there are plenty of acting coaches, few, if any, continually work as professionals in the business. There are subtleties and nuances to being a professional actor that just cannot be understood by those who’ve spent the majority of their career on the sidelines.

The philosophy is simple. Jeff sums up his approach best in this excerpt from his book:

“What I’ve discovered is, that rather than over think and over work an acting approach that has little to do with the real way humans deal with life’s dilemmas, it was better to simply focus on what people actually concern themselves with and leave the rest to instinct. Shouldn’t there be a method of approaching our work that falls more in line with the way humans actually confront conflict?   Must we always be given a ton of information before we act only to hear, “Okay now, forget about all that and just act the scene.” Can’t we just be given the information we need to remember, as in life?  Must we always have to resort to a lot of exercise malarkey and acting calculus to achieve what we so effortlessly achieve everyday in life?”

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