One Day Self Tape/Audition Workshop

Casting calls

In an industry where self tapes are the now the norm and in person auditions are a thing of the past, Jeff offers a one day workshop that will maximize your chances of being noticed. Having watched over ten thousand auditions in his career, Jeff is well aware of what an actor needs to do with a script in order to book a role. His one day workshop combines that knowledge with his skills as a director to show you the best way to shoot auditions using your phone, a simple mic and natural light to stunning effect.

Jeff will assign the participants a scene a week before the session. The actor will do the self tape and turn it into Jeff 3 days before the session. Then the actor will receive a new scene to have memorized for the day of the workshop.

In the first half of the day, Jeff will reshoot the first scene the actor handed in to show how using the camera, framing and simple lighting will make the usual audition tape look like a real pro job. Jeff will also show you how to better understand what the director is looking for and how to bring that knowledge to your work.

During the second half of the day, Jeff will tape the second scene the actor has prepared. The improvements in the shooting and the acting will be obvious to everyone in the class.

10am to 6pm with a lunch break from 1:30-2:30
$250 for the full day