Real Life Actor book reviews

I have never read an acting book that made a bigger impression on me. And believe me, I’ve real a LOT of them over the years. It teaches you how to get back to the most unencumbered basics of our natural instincts. And instructs us how to use ourselves, out life experiences and out own proclivities – to just get on with it! There is a real insider’s actual know-how that is so rare to find in an acting book.
Jeff is one of the rare people that dare to come along and demonstrate their deep knowledge by Simplifying. He cracks down on the over-mystified mess that many schools and teachers have attached to our craft. Jeff just gets it. After a few pages you will be hooked and see the light on the other side of the tunnel where the work of your life awaits.
Seymour’s wit, humor and decades of experience as a working actor and director will entertain and enlighten any reader, and his passion for the craft and desire to serve a higher good is inspiring. If you are an actor, save yourself, buy this book.
Hands down, the best book on acting I’ve ever read. Clean, simple and real. Seymour cuts through the BS with practical advice from acting, auditioning and the business aspects of the profession. Should be requires reading for any acting student, professional actor or layman. Crazy good.
The Real Life Actor empowers actors with a simple process, breaks down the do’s and don’t with a powerful prospective of why, while also giving you pragmatic advice for working in the “show business” of today. It has a refreshing and revolutionary approach to the craft that stresses the importance of being and bringing YOU to the art with authentic style, grace, and etiquiette. The author, Jeff Seymour, has a great way of making the information conversational and practical by avoiding industry jargon while using analogies that will make you laugh as they resonate with an entertaining yet convicting ring of truth.
Since I’ve read “The Real Life Actor” I can honestly say that the confusion around the craft has been lifted and a new clarity of focus has been instilled in my work. I can’t recommend the book enough.
Finally something that is practical and applicable. Nothing feels more natural and instinctual as the ideas that Seymour talks about in this book.
His book is a breath of fresh air which takes the over-thinking out of acting. He breaks it down for the actor and makes it simple, direct, and gives the actor the tools to feel full prepares and confident whether in the audition room or on set. I recommend this book for actors at every level.
Jeff’s book is a MUST READ. He reveals truths about the craft, the industry, and most importantly, humanity. His words are direct, bold, insightful, and humorous. He maneuvers through each chapter with flow, making his knowledge, as well as his passion for the work and business evident.
Jeff Seymour’s, “The Real Life Actor” should be mandatory reading for every actor. His approach to the art of acting is refreshing and sheds a new light on an old craft and will truly help one become a better actor.
I couldn’t put it down once I started reading it. I’ve never read an acting book that contains such extensive knowledge and yet Jeff has the gift to simplify the process. This will change your view of the process involved in acting.

“Reading your book and I feel like I have just been given a permission slip to be me!”

“I finished your book. What can I say? It is BRILLIANT! Once the rest of the acting world catches on … well it will be a Seymour Sensation.”

“I attended Jeff’s FREE seminar and purchased his book. I will also tell you I’m on my second reading of it, and this really IS a FRESH approach. It cuts through ALOT of clutter to get you where you need to be MUCH FASTER.”