The Real Life Actor is about tapping into the natural storytelling instincts that all of us were born with. It’s about “not acting.” It’s about, as Spencer Tracy once said: “behaving for the camera.”

“If you’re an actor, this book will restore your sanity” – Steven Pressfield, Author (War of Art, The Legend of Bagger Vance)


“I’ve never read a book so fast in my life, It was simply impossible to put down. This isn’t just a book, it’s a movement – started by a man courageous enough to question the conventions of our time. Reading this book, I realized that a lot of the complexity and difficulty that comes with acting is self-created. Jeff shares a philosophy, grounded in real life, that puts simplicity and sanity back into the craft. He really helps the actor regain the confidence needed to do their best work and have fun again! Everything he says is backed up with logic, reason, and clear, relatable examples. On top of this he provides excellent practical advice about auditions, accents, ad-lib, set-etiquette, and other aspects of the business that you are sure to run into. If you’re an actor, or are thinking about becoming an actor – consider yourself blessed to have found this book.”

“You are standing in the desert outside of this huge stone monolith and your mission is to find your way inside.” This is the challenge of being a modern professional actor that Mr. Seymour sets up in his book: The Real Life Actor. The first and only thing to do now is read that book cover to cover, thank your lucky stars, wipe the tears of relief and laughter from your eyes, then read it again. With the wit and charm of old Hollywood, the precision and clarity of a scientist and the agility and determination of a champion boxer, Mr. Seymour turns the dusty old school of acting inside out. The result is nothing short of creative revelation. This book teaches that YOU are the product and YOU are your own CEO. You get to bring all the wonderful things that are you to the party – the same way you do in life. Mr. Seymour writes, “If you want to behave like a real person, you need to approach your work like a real person.” Sweet music to the ears of any actor who has suffered through the demoralizing regimen of most modern acting books and classes. In simple, intuitive lessons we’re reminded that this is supposed to be fun. That we naturally possess all we need to make believe. That “just fly the plane” is essential and priceless career advice. Do you feel that? That’s the tilting of the scales in our favor for the survival of the fittest. Thank you sir.”