Jeff Seymour Seminar Testimonials

“Man, I couldn’t sleep last night cause after all I learned, I was pumped up! I appreciate you giving me jewels for my treasure box!! Thanks again for sharing your wisdom, you guru, you!”

“His no-nonsense, tackle-it-and-get-it-done, yet comedic approach to teaching acting was sobering to watch. One could tell how much passion for the craft he has and his desire to impart as much of his knowledge to his students with the high standards expected by the industry professionals. Mr. Seymour has a new book for actors titled The Real Life Actor, which I plan to add to my collection of must have books. His Tommy gun style delivery is amazing and a motivation to thespians wanting to reach a higher, more convincing level of acting.”

"I just wanted to thank you for all your help and patience. You're the best acting teacher I ever had. So happy you stepped out of the big pool to come help the little fish down here in South Florida."

"My brain hurts thanks to you! I just finished reading the last over a hundred pages of your book this evening. Thank you for sharing so many years of your great wisdom. I'm happy to have met such a humble and hilarious genius!"

"I was bowled over by your class. Your approach is refreshing and illuminating. You're the acting teacher I've been looking for and look forward to your guidance. Thank you for all that you do!"

"Jeff was patient, to the point and enlightening!!! I learned a lot and it was fun. Very very grateful for the opportunity."

"It was a pleasure attending your course this evening. I've never been more excited to continue this path, this passion. I feel a new sense of confidence."

"Feeling greatly inspired, and I'm only on chapter one. An invigorating and bold notion is presented in this book that maybe past concepts and "methods" of what exactly acting is are perhaps too far detached from real life. After all, it is real like that acting intends to emulate, is it not? Therefore, it would make the most sense to logically observe and evaluate just that: LIFE, The Real Life Actor"

"His teachings are truly a breath of fresh air and radical in their simplicity. Just seeing how much and quickly the actors improved in his previous workshop was astonishing."