Jeff Seymour Acting Classes

Acting Classes

While Jeff’s classes are primarily scene study, it’s overall objective is to train actors to become confident and highly-skilled working professionals as quickly as possible. One of the most refreshing aspects of Jeff’s classes is how quickly everyone makes improvements. You can see his method working wonders in each class and you will instantly feel its effect.

The classes are limited to 14 actors so you’re on your feet in each session. Actors who are ambitious and hard-working frequently work on two scenes and sometimes three. Actors do not rehearse with their scene partners outside of class – this is for the simple reason that in the professional world, actors don’t get together and rehearse outside of their working environment. Why get in the habit of doing something you will never have the opportunity to do in the real world?

You will quickly acquire confidence and understand the importance of peaceful perseverance. You will learn the best ways to handle countless professional situations. Jeff covers all of it.

Real Life Actor Weekly Scene Study Class Toronto

“Jeff is one of the rare people who dare to come along and demonstrate their deep knowledge by Simplifying. He cracks down on the over-mystified mess that many schools and teachers have attached to our craft. Jeff just gets it.”


TORONTO – 4 weeks |  $275

Classes run continually and actors can join for a 4 week session at anytime. Pick your scene and scene partner and get to work. It’s the working actors weekly workout.

Sundays 7pm-10pm or Wednesdays 7-10pm
Location: The Common, 587a College St. just west of Bathurst near Clinton. (Upstairs next to Dish Cooking Studio)

You can audit a class for free. Reserve a spot at