Real Life Actor classes


With Jeff Seymour founder/instructor

While Jeff’s classes are primarily scene study, it’s overall objective is to train actors to become confident and highly-skilled working professionals as quickly as possible. One of the most refreshing aspects of Jeff’s classes is how quickly everyone improves. You can see his approach working wonders in each class and you will instantly feel its effect.

The classes currently being offered are Zoom classes. Jeff offers 10 different sessions per week. All times are PST (Pacific Standard Time)

Sunday 10am and 5pm

Tuesday 10am and 5pm

Wednesday  5pm

Thursday 10am and 5pm

Friday 5pm

Saturday 10am and 5pm

Each session is limited to 8 actors/4 scenes per session. Sessions last between an hour to an hour and a half. 

$25 USD per session, $10 to audit

To find more information or to be put on the wait list, email



You can also train with Jeff on Skype.  A 45 min. session is $85. You can purchase 3 sessions for $225. See private coaching for more details