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Real Life Q&A – Willing To Shave?

Q: What do you think of keeping a beard/ mustache, but having headshots without? Stating “Willing to shave” in audition videos?

A: No problem, as long as it’s not the other way around. If you have headshots with heavy facial hair and you’re currently clean-shaven, this could cause a problem. Producers might be attached to the look in the photo and you might blow an opportunity because you wouldn’t be able to re-grow the look in time for the shoot. Also, you don’t need to state, “willing to shave.” Unless you have a mustache that is currently in the Guinness book of world records, the producers will assume you might be willing to shave. Besides, it can sound a little desperate, like stating, “willing to do frontal nudity.” If they are interested, they will ask. Producers may be many things but being shy isn’t one of them.


Real Life Q&A – How Often Do You Get New Headshots?

Q: How often do you get new Headshots? – Joshua Powell

A: When you no longer look like the old ones. Or if there is a marked change in the style of what’s being used. For instance, there was a time when a photo might have included more of your body. That was when casting directors looked at actual 8x10s that were forwarded to their office. These days they look at a computer screen of thumbnails, a wallpaper of faces. Your face needs to fill the shot. If you include too much of your body, your face will be the size of a pea. Just make sure you have good pictures, professionally shot that accurately represent who you are. Try not to go overboard by overspending on a super fancy photographer. Remember: the headshot is just the jab you throw to get their attention. The knock out punch is your audition.

Some more tips on getting great headshots: